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Miguel Lokia - Pop Culture Game of Thrones Houses 

Miguel Lokia designed some great heraldry, both inspired by the Houses of Game of Thrones and the pop culture heroes. Check the other Houses in the whole article !

Miguel Lokia a eu la merveilleuse idée de designer les symboles héraldique des héros de notre pop culture adorée, en s’inspirant de celles de Game Of Thrones… Beaucoup d’autres Maisons dans la suite de l’article !


The Hobbit Trailer Released:

I just watched it, and then I saw the release date; 14 December, 2012. TWENTY FUCKING TWELVE! You cannot do this to me, you just can’t! Why release the trailer now, one year early? Why? I can’t wait 358 days!


So any way my little munchkins, below will be a link that will take you to either the trailer or a rickroll video. I’m not sure which yet.

you can thank me later.

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